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market opportunity

size savings market in Spain

As a result of the pandemic Spanish savers are allocating approximately 15% of their income to savings. However under normal circumstances this figure will be very different for example between 8% and 10% from their income.

The average savings per household in Spain stands at 56 thousand Euros and the total amount saved by families in this country reaches 941 billion Euros in August 2021 dramatically the profitability of these savings is nil.

Helping problems

it solves

For the tenant

Democratizes the access to real estate to people who in the short term have low saving capacity.

For the owner/developer

Provides liquidity and depth to real estate markets Obtain reliable and long term tenants Facilities real estate developers in the placement of their products in much favorable conditions For the savers

High offers yields to traditional savers with a full warranty on real estate assets.

What is outside

current solutions

For the tenant

Traditional rent The total payment manifests itself in an expense. Mortgage loans Inaccessible for most, due to not having the creditworthiness and/or money to pay down payments

For the owner/developer

Direct sale For developers, the sale represents an immediate tax payment.

For owners

There may be delays in selling and difficulties in finding buyers in certain areas. buyers in certain areas. Traditional rental Problems with tenants, property maintenance costs, unpunctuality, etc.

For savers

Savings mechanisms with very low remuneration.

Cloud platform

how does it work

Cloud Platform (already developed)

With the ability to execute transactions, similar to that of a bank that operates the following financial schemes with its counterparts (Stakeholders)



Investor Saver Tenant Real estate developer

(in the case of new homes)

A safe option

time to market

By independent functionality

from 2 to 4 months for each functional module

6 to 7 months if it is the entity's own development

ANF for neobank creation

24 months


we work

Real Time

Regardless of the number of requests


Fully adaptable to any regulations

Flexible solutions

Technological architecture adaptable to third systems


Fully traceable and identifiable operations


All processes and needs

Document Manager

For any legal requirement

Fast and safe

100% integrable and safe

Communication Manager

We help to ending processes

Income sources

1- Real estate rentals

2- Intermediation in circulating cryptocurrencies

3- Two levels of investors

4- Technology Investor (Operator)

5- Annual Operator Fee

6- Investor in real estate

7- Profit from rental operations

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