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We are a Spanish company, formed by professionals of the IT sector, born as a response to the need to generate value from the first iteration for our clients.

Our foundations are solid and are supported by our more than 10 years of experience in IT consulting, our knowledge of the environment and the flexibility we provide to our clients. We believe in excellence, which is why we build with our clients the answers to their needs, everything all under the principles that we defend: Automation and Self-management. We are present in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Portugal and soon in the Middle East.

The creation of a bank whose transactionality is based on smart contracts, a trend towards which all major banks are moving contract, a trend towards which all major banks are moving due to the flexibility, traceability and uniqueness. A technology that is changing the international financial paradigm.





The Opportunity

Optimization of the financial sector.

User experience

We help attract and retain customers by providing an innovative and disruptive experience.

Let's talk 

about Digital Smartfi

The value of the residential real estate stock in Spain at the beginning of 2021 will be approximately estimated at 4.1 trillion Euros, compared to 1.2 trillion Euros that represents the country's GDP, IE 3.4 times the GDP of Spain according to Idealista per January 2021. Taking this hypothetical scenario the entire spanish housing stock would be rented. The monthly rent that would have to be paid in the present could reach 18,700 million Euros per month according to Idealista in January 2021. Approximately 23.8 % of the housing stock is rented or leased. According to INE; 3.4 million houses (certain circumstances such as loss of purchasing power after the 2008 crisis, made difficult to access home ownership and increased demand in the housing sector also affected and increased the rental market) in addition the need for rental housing continues to grow and according to different sources in the near future this figure will reach 2 million additional properties. The monthly rental payment per square meter is approximately 10 euros with an average of 70 square meters per property.

The monthly rental in Spain exceeds 2 billion Euros.

The future: market opportunity

size residential rental market

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